Nemesis 2009 (Sold)

I once saw a painting by Ernst Fuchs, the founder of the Vienna School of Fantastic Realism, depicting a scientist fighting with a giant praying-mantis (or a miniature scientist fighting with a normal-sized mantis.) I was inspired by Fuchs, and by Carl Jung's book "Man and his Symbols," to paint Nemesis. It represents a personal struggle to overcome the "failed experiment" of the Shadow-self. Only the freedom of the creative process is able to liberate an artist from depression. The Shadow is a part of the unconscious mind consisting of repressed weaknesses, shortcomings, and instincts. It may be one's link to more primitive animal instincts, which are superseded during early childhood by the conscious mind. The Shadow, in being instinctive and irrational, is prone to project: turning a personal inferiority into a perceived moral deficiency in someone else. These projections insulate and cripple individuals by forming an ever thicker fog of illusion between the ego and the real world. Click the Image to view it closer.