Falling 2010 (For Sale)

This is one of my first hanging sculptures, and it took me a long time to finish because I wanted it to hang in a balanced way. It's a small piece made almost entirely of lightweight paper, hanging from fishing line anchored in the top of the umbrella. Originally, I conceived it as part of a mobile. He's an allegory of the human condition, the condition of falling inevitably towards the unknown and the unknowable. His adaptation to this condition is what interests me as an artist; What is the secret of his magic umbrella? Click the image to view it closer.

Signal Change 2010 (For Sale)

One of my largest hanging sculptures, constructed mostly out of found materials. Lately I have been exploring the concepts of fear and inevitability, and how childhood memories effect the subconscious. My goal with this sculpture was to create a visual representation of the tension and anticipation of an inevitable occurrence, and to satirize the fear that this anticipation causes, in an attempt to understand and communicate the effects of that fear on the human psyche.  I enjoy sculpting with found materials because of a sense of fun and visual whimsy, which  is an immediate and direct method of establishing a connection between the artist and the viewer. Click on the images to view them closer.